Evo partners with Sony’s new gaming brand INZONE

Image credit: INZONE / Sony

North American fighting game tournament Evolution Championship Series (Evo) has announced a partnership with INZONE, Sony’s brand new gaming gear brand.

The partnership will see INZONE become a premier partner for Evo in 2022 and 2023. INZONE will act as the official monitor and headset of Evo.

INZONE is a new gaming brand owned by Sony Electronics, announced in late June 2022. The brand launched with two gaming monitors and three models of gaming headsets, and is slated to develop more products in the future.

EVO 2022 is set to take place in August 2022 in Las Vegas, after a break due to the pandemic. The tournament will feature known fighting games such as Skullgirls, Tekken 7, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and others. It will not feature Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

The fact that Sony’s new brand is becoming one of the main partners of Evo is unsurprising considering that Sony is the owner of the Evolution Championship Series. The electronics brand acquired Evo in early 2021.

ESI is going to Singapore in July. To buy a ticket or find out more, click here.

The partnership with Evo was announced as a part of a global launch efforts for INZONE in late June.

According to a release, RTS, the talent management and brand consulting company which manages Evo, will “manage [INZONE’s] digital assets across broadcasts, as well as offline integrations and social media campaigns.”

Rich Thiher, General Manager of Evo, commented: “To make this announcement as part of the global launch of INZONE is another example of the momentum that is building for Evo 2022. We’re delighted to debut new technology for our attendees.”

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