Hitmarker partners with National Student Esports (NSE)

Image credit: Hitmarker / NSE

Esports and gaming career website Hitmarker has secured a partnership with National Student Esports (NSE), a governing body for student esports in the United Kingdom.

According to the release, Hitmarker and NSE will help students find ‘suitable entry points into the industry’. This includes Hitmarker employees sharing experiences, creating a dedicated space on NSE’s Discord and collaborating on events.

Through the partnership with the NSE, Hitmarker’s employees will participate in talks and panels held by the organisation. Moreover, the employees will participate in discussions on the NSE Discord server.

The events by NSE and Hitmarker will be catered to young job seekers, helping them with their careers post-graduation.

Hitmarker is one of the most popular job sites in esports and gaming, with the platform regaulry providing updated career opportunities across both industries. Moreover, Hitmarker recently ventured beyond esports with Rebound, a website focused on jobs in the sports industry.

Founded in 2017, NSE is notable for operating the British University Esports Championship, the official esports competition for British universities. Over the past 12 months, NSE has partnered with Barclays, Monster Energy and HoYoVerse.

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In an article by Hitmarker, the website detailed its reasoning: “Hitmarker and NSE share a commonality in wanting to help students get off to a good start once they’ve graduated, whether that be through a paid internship or an entry-level opening at one of the largest companies in the industry.”

Hitmarker has recently been very vocal about the state of entry-level jobs in esports and gaming, and has publicly condemned companies that offer non-paid jobs. The platform also decided not to allow the advertising of unpaid jobs in late 2021.

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