Astralis partners with Aguero-backed energy drink brand Go Mate

Image credit: Astralis / Go Mate

Danish esports organisation Astralis has partnered with Go Mate, a new energy drink brand it claims is made with all-natural ingredients.

As a part of the collaboration, Astralis and Go Mate will work on campaigns and activations, with an Astralis-branded Go Mate can coming later this year. The energy drink brand is also backed by former footballer Sergio Aguero, who is an investor in Go Mate.

Go Mate aims to disrupt the energy drink market by creating a drink based on all-natural ingredients, and with a low amount of caffeine. The brand was started in 2021, and offers two drinks: an energy blend and a wind-down blend aimed for relaxation.

Astralis is the first esports organisation to partner with Go Mate. According to Guido Rosales, Co-Founder & CEO of Go Mate, the Danish organisation is the first of ‘many teams and players’ within the competitive space that are set to be a part of the brand’s growth plans.

Sergio Aguero is a notable part of the brand’s strategy, acting as Go Mate’s Chief Visionary Officer and investor. Even prior to his retirement, the former footballer heavily intergatied himself in the esports scene. Aguero has his own gaming and esports brand, KRÜ Esports, a company he founded in 2020. The organisation currently fields teams in FIFA, VALORANT, Rocket League and League of Legends.

Aguero noted that the aim of Go Mate is to help gamers, something that ‘regular’ energy drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine and taurine don’t do.

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As far as the partnership goes, Astralis will act as a partner for the drink brand, as explained by Astralis Commercial Director Kasper Sindt: “Go Mate will not only have exposure on our digital channels and in campaigns as we are also working towards launching an Astralis branded product line later in the year.

“Go Mate, including the Astralis Edition with our unique design, will be available online in most key markets, and we believe there is a huge potential for a product line built and designed by gamers.”

Ivan Šimić
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