Atlanta United partners with FIFA organisation Team Gullit

atlanta united team gullit
Image credit: Atlanta United / Team Gullit

North American MLS football club Atlanta United has signed an esports partnership with FIFA esports academy and organisation Team Gullit.

Team Gullit will help coach and develop Atlanta United’s FIFA players. Despite the partnership only being official now, Atlanta has collaborated with Team Gullit for the last two years.

Atlanta United first ventured into FIFA esports in 2018, and has been active in the space ever since. The club currently has two Brazilian players on its roster, Paulo Neto and Vini Leiva. Shortly after forming the team, Atlanta enlisted Team Gullit to help develop the players, with the partnership now being made official.

Team Gullit is an interesting figure in FIFA esports. Founded by former Ballon d’Or winner Ruud Gullit, the company focuses on scouting and developing future talent, rather than just competing in tournaments.

Team Gullit’s help proved valuable for Atlanta United when the team won the eMLS Cup in early 2022, securing a spot at the FIFAe World Cup. Renzo Oemrawsingh, Head of Development for Team Gullit commented that the team is looking forward to taking the cooperation to the next level. The first move of the partnership, according to Oemrawsingh, will see Team Gullit coach Atlanta United player Paulo Neto at the upcoming FIFAe World Cup.

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Atlanta United Vice President of Business Operations Georgia O’Donoghue, added: “As one of the most successful teams in the FIFA Global Series, Team Gullit will continue to provide our players with some of the most comprehensive coaching in the esports industry.”

Team Gullit recently secured a partnership with known Swedish esports brand Ninjas in Pyjamas, thus creating a new esports team called TG.NIP. The company is also a partner of Samsung, Red Bull and watch manufacturer Seiko.

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