BIG teams up with Shikenso Analytics

Image credit: Shikenso Analytics / Berlin International Gaming

German esports organisation Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has partnered with esports analytics and data company Shikenso Analytics.

Shikenso will provide AI solutions that keep track of BIG’s partnerships. As a result, the organisation will be able to adapt its strategies and better detail the efficiency of commercial agreements going forward.

BIG is one of the most notable esports organisations in Germany. The organisation is primarily known for its CS:GO team, which peaked at number one in CS:GO rankings and has been a part of the top 30 teams for more than two years. BIG also has rosters in League of Legends, VALORANT, PUBG Mobile and Tekken, as well as Quake and Trackmania.

Shikenso Analytics is known for its usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to precisely measure the exposure esports teams deliver for brands. Using these systems BIG will gain data insights into their social and streaming channels, ultimately resulting in a better understanding of brand integration.

According to Shikenso, BIG will now be able to report media valuations to their partners in a more ‘purposeful manner’.

The German organisation joins a growing number of teams and tournament organisers that have partnered with data companies. Shikenso Analytics alone has teamed up with the likes of EXCEL, Echo Esports, ReKTGlobal, PGL and BLAST just this year.

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Commenting on the partnership, CDO of Berlin International Gaming Balázs Lengyel, commented: “We are delighted to start working together with Shikenso Analytics.

“Bolstering us in our reporting capacities as well as helping evaluate our campaigns, Shikenso will be our partner for esports data and analytics moving forward. I look forward to the partnership and using the platform to quantify the value we create together with our partners.”

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