Champion of Champions Tour on the lookout for regional partners

Image credit: Champion of Champions Tour

The Champion of Champions Tour (CCT), a CS:GO tournament circuit organised by GRID Esports and founding partners Relog Media, Fantasy Expo and FACEIT, among others, has opened a call for regional CS:GO leagues.

CCT aims to find regional leagues that are willing to provide teams that will participate in the event, regardless of whether these regions are already covered by the CS:GO series.

This is an interesting move from CCT. The tournament series, organised by GRID Esports and partners such as Elisa and Black Molly Entertainment, is set to kick off later in 2022 in Europe, North America and South America. According to the organisers, the tournament will be one of the largest CS:GO events of the year and will feature a total prize pool of $3.4m (~£2.8m).

The event organisers did not share in-depth details regarding what criteria the regional leagues need to fulfil in order to participate in the event. CCT announced that the main idea behind the call is to expand its reach and provide more opportunities for the local talents to showcase their skills.

Tom Warburton, COO of GRID, commented: “Since we announced CCT last month, we have received a lot of interest from National CS:GO Leagues who would like to work their tournaments onto the Tour. Having this response is already what we aimed for – to work together toward providing the professional space for the continued growth of the CS:GO scene.”

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The Champion of Champions Tour has already secured partnerships with StreamCards and BitSkins. The Champion of Champions Tour is still a relatively unknown event. All that is really known is that the online series of the tournament will start in 2022, with lan events set to take place in 2023. The global finals for the tournament is scheduled for 2024.

The organisers announced that there will be a total of $1.8m (~£1.48m) distributed across 44 online cups, with $1.1m (~£0.9m) will be distributed across 11 ‘studio finals’. The last LAN final will have a $500,000 (~£412,000) prize pool.

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