OTK Media creates PC building company with Moist Critical

Image credit: Starforge Systems

Content creation and gaming company One True King (OTK Media) has launched a PC building company called Starforge Systems, created together with YouTuber, streamer, and founder of Moist Esports, Charles ‘Moist Critical’ White Jr.

Starforge Systems dubbed ‘Project Saturn’ in marketing materials leading up to the announcement will create gaming PCs that will be purchasable worldwide through the brand’s official website. According to the company, the PCs are set to be tailored toward gamers and streamers, drawing from OTK’s experience in the industry.

Starforge Systems will be led by Nick Dankner as CEO and Nate Blanchette as CTO, both of whom have experience when it comes to startup brands, OTK Media said to Esports Insider.

OTK Media was founded in 2020 by known content creators Asmongold, Mizkif, Esfand, Rich Campbell and Tips Out. The organisation is known more as content creation and production company, rather than an esports organisation. OTK Media did field an esports team in World of Warcraft but has decided not to renew player contracts in June 2021.

OTK Media is a notable content powerhouse, reaching more than 50m people by way of partnered creators, and has a respectable roster of influencers and streamers backing it.

Starting a hardware company is an unexpected step for the company, mostly because OTK Media was based on creating content and streaming, rather than physical products. At the same time, the move might prove very beneficial because the user base is already interested in OTK’s streamers.

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The company did not share a lot of details regarding the new venture, aside from mentioning that Starforge Systems will host its own streams daily, as well as a number of new content shows to promote new PCs and raise brand awareness. Hardware-wise, the PCs appear to use GeForce RTX video cards and liquid cooling as well as custom cases, the industry norm.

Starforge Systems shared the following: “Starforge is committed to the satisfaction of its clientele. When so many other PC brands focus on marketing, Starforge’s unique position in the marketplace as a creator-lead Systems Integrator allows it to put an emphasis on the parts in each system, as well as the service that it provides.”

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