Team Liquid expands and upgrades American Alienware Training Facility

Image credit: Team Liquid / Alienware

Global esports organisation Team Liquid has reopened its flagship North American training centre after a series of upgrades and renovations, in collaboration with Alienware.

According to a release, the improved training facility, situated in Santa Monica, California, now features better workstations, revamped creator spaces and improved systems in place to support professional players.

The Alienware Training Facility North America (AWTF NA), originally opened in 2018 as one of the most advanced esports facilities in the world. It was followed in 2020 by a facility in Utrecht, Netherlands. Although advanced, the NA training facility was in need of a refresh. As stated by Team Liquid, the renovation was ‘part of a wider effort to reinvest in its employees’.

This means an expanded floor plan (50% increased in size in comparison to the original facility), dedicated rooms for production and creators, as well as Marvel-themed meeting spaces. Team Liquid also noted that the size of the on-site kitchen was increased to offer better meals for players and staff.

Team Liquid and Alienware upgraded the PCs used in the facility and improved the internet speed. Coaches also get better capabilities in the review rooms. Overall, a facility-wide refresh and makeover was done to reflect Team Liquid’s identity and its partnership with Alienware.

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An effort was also made to create better spaces for digital creators, with what Alienware and Team Liquid call ‘Stream Pods’. These pods will allow staff, players and guests to stream games.

Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid, commented: “Thanks to one of our longest standing partners, Alienware, our all-new remodelled Alienware Training Facility allows us to continue TL’s tradition of excellence by giving our teams a tangible edge in competition.”

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