Bayes Esports lanches odds integration platform BODEX

20 September 2022


Image credit: Bayes Esports

Esports data platform Bayes Esports is launching an odds integration solution called BODEX in an effort to streamline offerings in the esports betting market.

The new platform will provide operators with access to betting odds from multiple sources through one integration. 

Using BODEX, operators will be able to subscribe to specific odds packages that allow companies to distinguish between games, organisers, tournaments, leagues and markets.

The odds packages will be standardised to Bayes’ data format, market definitions and API. The idea behind this is that it makes the odds easier to integrate for betting operators. 

According to a release, the new platform looks to bolster esports betting opportunities for bookmakers which don’t cover new and smaller esports titles, or national and regional competitions.

Bayes claimed that adding smaller esports scenes is difficult for operators largely due to the lack of high-quality odds being provided. On top of delivering these odds, BODEX will provide reporting about its service level agreements, odds quality and margins of the different odds providers.

Martin Dachselt, CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports, claimed BODEX will “allow the sports betting market, and especially the esports betting market, to fully reach its potential”.

Bayes’ new solution won’t only address the esports sector. The data company has confirmed that BODEX will be expanded to allow sports to be integrated, however at launch the platform will focus on esports.

Dachselt continued: “Our new and innovative platform BODEX creates a win-win situation for both providers and operators. 

“Providers, especially those that are specialised in a specific sport, game, or region, will have an easier time finding customers for their services, while operators benefit from being able to offer new sports, game titles, or tournaments without having to deal with the high overhead costs that used to be associated with that.”

Tom Daniels
Tom has been part of Esports Insider's team since October 2020 and is currently the platform's Editor. When not playing Football Manager, he enjoys reporting on the mobile esports scene as well as the betting sector.