Gen.G secures King’s Hawaiian partnership

Image credit: Gen.G

Multinational esports organisation Gen.G has announced a partnership with Los Angeles-based bakery King’s Hawaiian.

The deal will see the two parties collaborate to create the King’s Hawaiian Slider Sunday Cook-Off featuring Gen.G content creator Evan ‘Raynday’ Raynr, as well as Twitch streamers Tricia ‘triciaisabirdy’ Wang and Jalon.

Partnering with Gen.G marks King’s Hawaiian’s first foray into the gaming and esports space. The competition begins on November 11th and will be streamed on the organisation’s Twitch channel. In addition to the stream, the partnership includes a giveaway where fans can win a trip to one of the bakery’s plants located in Southern California.

Outside of gaming, the Bakery has collaborated with the likes of TV personality Guy Fieri and NASCAR team RFK Racing across a range of marketing partnerships.

Gen.G is no stranger to collaborating with food companies. In June, it renewed its existing deals with McDonald’s franchisees resulting in the continuation of the McDonald’s Crew League, a franchise employee-only esports competition.

In recent months, the organisation also continued to consolidate its position as one of the largest in the world. In October, it secured a partnership with sports and esports marketing agency SPORTFIVE and teamed up with Tencent’s TiMi Esports to promote the Honor of Kings mobile MOBA game.

The organisation recently got accepted as a VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific partner team and is currently competing in the League of Legends World Championship.

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Martin Kim, Chief Revenue Officer at Gen.G, spoke on the partnership: “We’re always thinking of ways to merge gaming and other industries; this partnership gives fans something they can really sink their teeth into.

“With so many exciting esports and gaming events worldwide, we thought there would be no better way to bring King’s Hawaiian front of mind for viewing parties this year.”

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