GG.BET announces collaboration with Dota 2 guides author Torte de Lini

26 October 2022


Image credit: GG.BET

Esports gambling platform GG.BET has announced a partnership with Dota 2 Hero Guides author Michael Yossef ‘Torte de Lini’ Cohen-Palacios.

The partnership will see Cohen-Palacios release a series of in-game guides in collaboration with esports players. The guidemaker will also share his experience and knowledge of game mechanics through exclusive vlogs.

As an ambassador for GG.BET, he will also take part in creating a range of content. This includes analytical shows and educational streams, with the latter discussing important social issues, such as responsible betting, with esports talent. 

Dota 2 players who subscribe to Torte de Lini guides will also receive GG.BET offers and bonuses.

This is not the first time an endemic brand has teamed up with the Dota 2 guides writer. Last year, Cohen-Palacios teamed up with Danish peripheral brand SteelSeries.

Through his Standard Hero Builds Project, Cohen-Palacios has written in-game Dota 2 character guides since 2013. According to the announcement, the guides reach over 512m players.

GG.BET continues to strengthen its ties with the Dota 2 community through this partnership. Earlier this year, the bookmaker became a betting partner of The International 2022, which is currently underway, as well as naming Dota 2 caster Andrew Jenkins an ambassador.

Cohen-Palacios will host a live Q&A session with Andrew Jenkins in the upcoming days, the bookmaker said. 

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Dmitry Voshkarin, CEO of GG.BET, commented: “Ask any Dota 2 player how they go about boosting their game, and you’ll definitely be hearing about Torte de Lini guides and long hours of training. We’d be willing to bet that Torte de Lini is at the top of everyone’s list of guidemakers. 

“We’ve watched Michael’s work with great enthusiasm over the last decade, and the importance of what he does for the gaming community cannot be overstated. In partnership with Michael, we will continue to invest our efforts in supporting Dota 2 fans and the entire gaming community.”

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