SAP partners with Valve to bolster The International 2022 broadcasts

21 October 2022


Image credit: SAP / Valve

Software and technology company SAP has partnered with game developer Valve to support Dota 2’s The International 2022, which is currently underway in Singapore.

SAP has been named the official cloud analytics partner of the event and will work with Valve to automate and enhance analytics that are then used to improve the quality of its broadcasts.

SAP and Valve noted in a release that the two companies will focus on pre-and post-match insights for matches at The International. These include the identification of the best hero for each player, capturing percentages such as win and loss data, as well as tracking tournament metrics like heroes played and average match duration.

Founded in 1972, SAP is one of the most well-known enterprise and analytics software companies in the world. The success of SAP in the enterprise segment translates well to esports, with SAP analytics and insights improving the amount of data tournament organisers have to work with, thus improving the overall quality of the broadcast.

SAP-s cloud services (SAP HANA Cloud) will also be used to store and provide access to match data on-demand in a matter of milliseconds, according to a release.

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This is not the first time that SAP has explored esports partnerships. The company is a noted partner of esports organisations such as Team Vitality and Team Liquid, and has also worked with tournament organisers like ESL Gaming, the NBA 2K League and the LEC in the past.

Lars Lamadé, Head of Global Sponsorships at SAP, commented: “Thriving for constant innovation is the core of our business at SAP and the reason why we are active in esports.

“The partnership with Valve was a logical next step and we’re eager to employ SAP technologies that will enhance and elevate the fan experience during The International 11.”

Ivan Šimić
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