Riot Games teams up with Jackson Wang for League of Legends World Championship finals

Jackson Wang League of Legends
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Jackson Wang, Riot Games

Game publisher Riot Games has teamed up with Hong Kong singer and record producer Jackson Wang to perform at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship finals opening ceremony.

The singer will perform ‘Fire in the Fuse’ a single written and produced by Riot Games to promote its new Empyrean skin line for League of Legends. The World Finals kicks off on Saturday, November 5th at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

American rapper Lil Nas X is already headlining the finals opening ceremony, performing Riot Games’ official Worlds anthem STAR WALKIN. He will be joined by 2WEI members Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes.

Wang completes the roster of four performers for this year’s tournament. His signing is, by many accounts, another significant moment in Riot’s integration into music. Alongside his solo ventures, Wang is also a member of popular K-pop group GOT7. Wang is also seeing a recent surge in popularity after being fresh off his second album ‘MAGIC MAN’.

Due to the high number of spectators online, the show will include other aspects for viewers on Twitch and YouTube. Wang’s performance will feature interactive elements like skin giveaways for people who watch via Riot’s official website.

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Riot Games has ramped up its music activations in recent years, particularly to promote its games and events. Notably, the company created a League of Legends Spotify music hub in 2020.

Naz Aletaha, Global Head of LoL Esports, commented: “From the two best LoL Esports teams in the world to the Opening Ceremony lineup, the World Final stage will be brimming with icons.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have these internationally-acclaimed artists bring their incomparable talent to Worlds, a spectacular celebration of the best of League.”

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