MPL Indonesia records over 2m viewers, MPL Philippines shows steady growth

24 October 2022


Image credit: MPL Indonesia (via Facebook)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s professional regional leagues in Indonesia and the Philippines concluded over the weekend, with both competitions posting strong viewership that nonetheless failed to match previous viewership records. 

According to Esports Charts data, MPL Indonesia Season 10 recorded an impressive 2.38m peak viewers during the finals between ONIC and RRQ Hoshi — making it the sixth most popular MLBB event. The regional competition’s highest-viewed league took place earlier this year, with season nine garnering 2.85m viewers.

Overall, this is the third time that MPL Indonesia has recorded over 2m viewers, with last year’s season also recording 2.39m.

Meanwhile, MPL Philippines managed to increase its viewership from its previous edition earlier this year. MPL Philippines Season 10 peaked at 829,312 viewers, up from 626,414 in season nine. Whilst not beating season seven’s viewership record of 1.4m viewers, the most recent edition is the second most viewed MPL Philippines event. 

Similarly to MPL Indonesia, the league’s highest-recorded match-up this season occurred in the finals — which saw Blacklist International beat ECHO. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments is the growth in English-speaking viewership. Despite slightly lower overall peak viewership numbers, MPL Indonesia achieved an English-speaking platform record for the competitions  — 420,749 in season 10 compared to 62,583 in season 9, a more than six-fold increase. Meanwhile, MPL Philippines Season 10 recorded a similar English language peak viewership (146,414 compared to season seven’s 146 790).

Alongside recording impressive viewership figures, MPL Philippines and MPL Indonesia boasted a range of notable commercial sponsors. These included Samsung, McDonald’s, Secretlab, Head & Shoulders, Axe and JBL, among others. 

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The top two teams from MPL’s leagues in the Philippines and Indonesia will compete, alongside other leagues, in next year’s M4 World Championship. The season-ending event is set to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Some of the other teams that have qualified for the event include Team HAQ (MPL Malaysia), TODAK (MPL Malaysia), RRQ Akira (MPL Brazil), Falcon Esports (Myanmar) and RSG Singapore. The M3 World Championship is currently the most viewed MLBB event ever, recording a peak viewership of 3.19m.

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