OpTic Gaming Founder H3CZ returns as CEO

19 October 2022


Image credit: OpTic Gaming / Hector Rodriguez

Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, the Founder of North American esports organisation OpTic Gaming, has reprised his role as CEO following a change in the organisation’s leadership structure.

Former CEO Adam Rymer will take over as OpTic’s Strategic Advisor as Rodriguez steps back into the position.

OpTic Gaming has certainly had an interesting history. Rodriguez founded the company in 2006 and acted as its CEO before the OpTic brand and its parent company were sold in 2017 to Immortals Gaming Club. In 2020, Rodriguez re-acquired OpTic whilst he was at NRG. One year later OpTic Gaming merged with Envy Gaming and ultimately the Envy brand was retired in 2022.

Rodriguez’s journey has seemingly gone full circle with the organisation’s founder now back at the helm of the company he created. Alongside his esports ventures, the new CEO is also the owner of a cannabis-focused brand called Pine Park.

Despite only joining OpTic as CEO in 2020, Rymer has been an important figure in the organisation’s history. Rymer led the merger of Envy Gaming and OpTic, as well as the acquisition of streaming technology company Botisimo.

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Rymer will not leave the company, but will rather take over as a strategic advisor, trading a more hands-on approach of a CEO for a more supportive role.

Geoff Moore, President and COO of OpTic, said: “We’re continuing to push the industry forward and bring ways to excite and engage with fans to life through content, events, and new platforms.

“I’m grateful to have Adam staying on as a strategic advisor to the company on several initiatives as he also takes time to focus on projects outside of our business.”

Ivan Šimić
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