NACE Starleague Fall Finals to take place in Philadelphia

09 November 2022


Image credit: NACE Starleague

Playfly Esports, the company behind US-based collegiate esports tournament NACE Starleague, has announced that its Fall Finals will take place in Philadelphia this December.

Speicfically, the NACE Starleague Fall Grand Finals will be played at Philadelphia’s Nerd Street Localhost on December 3rd and 4th. The competition marks a return to in-person events for the esports company and will be hosted by Villanova university.

The NACE Starleague is the largest collegiate esports league in North America. The tournament features 12 esports titles and sees more than 700 colleges and universities participate. The current season is the second edition of the Starleague and saw more than 12,000 students participate during the course of the competition.

The finals will feature a number of different games and will be broadcasted via the NACE Starleague Twitch channel. College esports players will compete in CS:GO, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Rocket League, Overwatch 2, Super Smash Bros, Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends.

The NACE Starleague finals will see a large number of educational institutions, known for their collegiate athletics in the United States, participate. This includes Louisiana State University, Duke, Virginia Tech, Michigan State University and others. A total of 14 teams will compete during the two-day final.

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Rob Johnson, CEO of Playfly Esports, commented: “With support and help from Villanova University, NACE’s cornerstone event of the season will be better than ever as we continue to celebrate growth in participation year over year.

“Villanova and The Block have been incredible partners of Playfly and NACE Starleague and we look forward to the thrill and excitement that will come with opening doors for esports fans.”

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