NoScope Gaming launches esports university venture NSG ARENA

08 February 2023


nsg arena
Image credit: NoScope Gaming

Indian esports company NoScope Gaming has announced NSG ARENA, a new esports venture that will host university championships in India.

NSG ARENA is an esports event series focusing on different in-person tournaments and activations. The new venture took place for the first time at IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest 2023.

The arena itself is not a physical venue, but rather a name for an event series that will be organised regularly in India. The company behind it, NoScope Gaming, is an Indian company focused on collegiate esports.

The company is working with notable universities from India, such as the FLAME University and the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, to develop a collegiate esports scene. NoScope Gaming announced at least 10 new NSG ARENA events, in collaboration with educational institutions, will occur in the country.

NoScope Gaming is also behind the Indian VALORANT tournament NSG Yuddha and the NSG Esports and Gaming expo. In addition to promoting esports and organising events, NoScope Gaming also holds a campus ambassador programme for esports, which started in 2022.

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The event itself took place at IIT Kharagpur Spring Fest 2023, and featured console, PC and VR gaming tournaments, as well as a music performance. An official partnership between IIT Kharagpur and NoScope Gaming was announced at the event.

Mr. Deepesh Solanki, Director NoScope Gaming, commented: “Our mission is to bring university esports in India to the global map, for that we are bringing international presence to India to  develop esports culture in schools, colleges & universities.”

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