Bayes ONE: Tailored esports PR supported by data

The Bayes Esports Communications team. Image credit: Bayes Esports

For many smaller organisations and startups in the esports industry, public relations (PR) has historically been a challenge for many reasons.

With limited resources and experience, it was often difficult for these companies to get the attention needed, and to reach wider fanbases. That was why Bayes Esports created Bayes ONE, a new PR platform designed specifically for the esports industry.

Bayes Esports is a data company that currently works with Riot Games, ESL Gaming, and others, but this is its first foray into the world of PR (apart from its own products and services).

Susanne Ardisson, Senior Director of Public Relations at Bayes Esports and the head of the Bayes ONE project, sat down with Esports Insider to discuss the platform and its unique focus on smaller brands and teams.

Bridging the esports PR gap for small brands

According to Ardisson, Bayes Esports identified a need for affordable, transparent communication services tailored to smaller businesses and startups in the esports space. Building on the company’s experience in the B2B side of the industry, Bayes ONE aims to offer targeted, cost-effective PR solutions that help these organisations reach decision-makers and establish their presence.

This is why Bayes ONE pricing starts low — so that the teams and companies with smaller budgets can still benefit from tailored solutions that will help them grow.

Ardisson explained that while many PR agencies in esports excelled at creating B2C campaigns, they often fell short in addressing the B2B needs of businesses, such as connecting with investors and strategic partners. Smaller organisations can now access services that address these challenges without breaking the bank.

Bayes sees ONE as an important and affordable tool for smaller esports brands.

Supporting those that shape esports

When asked why Bayes Esports chose to focus on smaller organisations and teams, Ardisson emphasized the importance of passion and innovation in driving the industry forward. She pointed out that many of the most popular esports games and tournaments were borne of fan-driven projects, and that Bayes ONE wanted to support these innovators in making a lasting impact on the industry.

“Esports has always been, is, and always will be driven by passionate individuals who create game-changing solutions,” Ardisson said. “We want to help these individuals make their first steps, overcome the challenges every small business is faced with, and allow them to make a lasting impact on the industry.”

By offering accessible, tailored PR solutions, Bayes ONE helps these small businesses and startups overcome initial hurdles, enabling them to grow and establish themselves as leaders in the esports world — and focus more on competing than public relations. 

As the Senior Director of Public Relations, a role tied to content creation, Ardisson is enthusiastic about leading the Bayes ONE initiative. She credited her team, which boasts strong B2B industry expertise, academic backgrounds, and a passion for esports, as the driving force behind the platform’s success.

In the near future, Ardisson hopes to establish Bayes Esports as the go-to solution for businesses in esports, covering everything from PR and communications to tech and data. With a strong foundation and a dedicated team, Bayes ONE is poised to become a welcome resource for the teams and startups that create the most value in esports. 

Ivan Šimić
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