ESL FACEIT Group acquires Vindex

Image credit: ESL FACEIT Group / Vindex

Global esports conglomerate ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) has announced the acquisition of esports technology and infrastructure company Vindex.

As a part of the merger, Vindex will become a part of the ESL FACEIT Group. Vindex CEO Mike Sepso and CSO Sundance DiGiovanni will remain at Vindex while also holding leadership positions at EFG.

The two companies said the merger would grant them better capabilities to grow events such as DreamHack, as well as increase EFG’s studio capabilities in multiple regions.

Vindex is best known for its Vindex Intelligence Platform, and whitelabel esports solutions arm Esports Engine. The Vindex Intelligence Platform offers publishers and brands data and analytics, while the Esports Engine focuses on event production. Esports Engine has supported the Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, the Apex Legends Global Series, and numerous more major esports events.

The two Vindex-owned companies will continue to work under the EFG umbrella, continuing to offer its services to existing clients. EFG and Vindex claims the two companies will now have access to additional resources leveraged from EFG.

LAN centre chain Belong Gaming Arenas, another Vindex property, will become a standalone entity and will work independently. Belong has recently moved towards a franchise model, replacing the previous model of owning its gaming centres.

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The acquisition comes amid record consolidation in the esports industry. In January 2022, Saudi Arabian government-owned Savvy Games Group bought previously independent tournament organisers ESL Gaming and FACEIT for $1.5bn (~£1.1bn) and merged them into the ESL FACEIT Group. DreamHack is also owned by the Group.

It also comes during a tough economic climate, which many industry commentators have described as an ‘esports winter’, that has seen the closure of multiple independent esports companies, including tournament operators. Grassroots-focused tournament operator Beyond The Summit announced it had laid off all its staff on February 28th.

Mike Sepso, the CEO of Vindex, said: “By joining forces with EFG, we are bringing together the best of video games and esports under one roof. EFG is the global leader in the industry and being part of the ESL FACEIT Group will allow us to not only expand our global footprint but also leverage our complementary technology stack to deliver a comprehensive suite of products and services to drive engagement.”

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