Galaxy Racer announces $250,000 HER Galaxy tournament series

her galaxy
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Her Galaxy

Esports organisation Galaxy Racer has launched the HER Galaxy Tournament Series, a multi-title $250,000 (~£206,500) esports series that aims to provide a place for gamers who identify as women to gain playing opportunities.

The $250,000 prize pool will be distributed through seven events that will take place on Apex Legends and Rocket League.

The North American tournament series is a part of the HER Galaxy initiative, a new project started in 2022 by Galaxy Racer. The project is focused on creating grassroots-level assistance for the growth of the women’s esports scene in North America. HER Galaxy organises tournaments and provides education and networking opportunities to interested gamers.

The tournament series is set to start in March and will last until September, during which a LAN tournament in Rocket League will take place. There will be a total of eight broadcast days, and a total prize pool of $250,000 in two games, although the company did not clarify how the prize money will be distributed. Open qualifiers for both games will be played, and any interested players can apply – given that they reside in North America and identify as women.

Galaxy Racer noted that the tournament’s main goal is to encourage amateur gamers to explore the competitive scene more and fight against harassment and isolation from other gamers.

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Megan Holgate, VP of Partnerships, Galaxy Racer, commented: “Gaming is still in its infancy relative to other sports, and we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of gaming culture by putting more support behind initiatives for gamers who identify as women.

“At Galaxy Racer, we are proud to be the only gender-balanced esports organisation in the world. We believe we can make meaningful changes now to empower women to create new norms for the industry. The HER Galaxy Tournament is just the first of many steps to make this happen.”

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