Newzoo discontinues its esports industry reports

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Games analytics firm Newzoo has discontinued its dedicated esports industry data reports, the firm confirmed to Esports Insider.

Newzoo, whose esports reports have acted as a leading source for industry growth figures, told Esports Insider that it ended its data partnerships with esports companies many months ago. The news was first reported by The Esports Advocate.

Newzoo’s esports reports included a breakdown of current and projected esports industry revenue, as well as estimates and projections for the growth of esports’ audience, among other figures and analysis.

Its findings have regularly acted as a go-to source of information on the size of the esports industry for endemic and mainstream media outlets alike over the years.

Newzoo’s most recent esports report, the 2022 Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report, estimated esports industry revenue to be $1.38bn (~£1.16bn) at the end of 2022 — set to grow to $1.87bn (~£1.57) by 2025 — and the esports audience to comprise 532m viewers.

The firm drew revenue and other data from partnerships with numerous esports organisations and companies, including Astralis, Beyond the Summit, Fnatic, FURIA, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, DreamHack and many more.

Newzoo charged for access to the full report, available through a subscription model, but also released a shortened, free-to-access version outlining headline figures. 

As first reported by The Esports Advocate, Newzoo told Esports Insider that while there would no longer be a dedicated esports report, the firm’s Global Games Market Report and Forecasts subscription will contain qualitative analysis on esports market trends and developments.

In a statement sent to Esports Insider, Newzoo said it made the decision to discontinue its Global Esports, Cloud, and Mobile Reports last year, and that it informed partners about the change at the time. The news has been a loosely guarded industry secret for months, according to industry stakeholders.

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“Last year, we spoke to many clients about how our data adds the most value to their day-to-day work and decision-making. From these conversations, it became clear that we can add the most value by providing game-level engagement and revenue data, gamer research, and games market trends and forecasts,” Newzoo’s statement reads.

“On the report side specifically, most of our clients would normally look at cloud, esports, mobile as part of their whole games market strategy which led us to consolidate these insights into our long-standing global games market report. 

“Consolidating these products has allowed us to invest more resources into the data that adds the most value to our clients. As part of this, we have been investing heavily in the Newzoo platform, which we relaunched last week with added functionality.”

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