PUBG Global Series 1 heads to Malaysia

PUBG Esports 2023
Image credit: KRAFTON

Game developer KRAFTON has announced details regarding the upcoming PUBG Global Series 1 (PGS 1).

The tournament will take place in late April and early May in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moreover, PGS 1 is set to feature 24 teams and a $500,000 (£404,000) prize pool.

KRAFTON also revealed that PGS 1 will feature the first batch of team-branded skins for its PUBG Global partner teams.

The PGS is one of the three big PUBG esports events for the year, alongside the PUBG Nations Cup and the PUBG Global Championship. KRAFTON announced that the series will be making a return this year after a two-year haitus and will feature two splits: the one mentioned today, and a later split in September.

The 24 teams that are set to participate in the tournament include eight PUBG global partner teams: Four Angry Men, 17Gaming, FaZe Clan, Gen.G, NAVI, Patrichor Road, Soniqs and Twisted Minds. These teams will be joined by the 16 best teams from the regional series. Three teams will come from the Americas region, six from APAC, five from Asia, and two from Europe.

Natus Vincere, Petrichor Road, 17 Gaming, and Faze Clan are the PUBG partner teams chosen for the first batch of skins. According to KRAFTON, more information on the items themselves will become available soon, however, every partner team will get customised skins and perhaps other items.

The upcoming tournament is the first to showcase PUBG’s notable changes in its esports ecosystem. PUBG developer KRAFTON followed the trend of partnering with esports teams for revenue sharing and noted that teams that are a part of the partner programme are important in the history of PUBG, have large fan bases, and are stable and committed to the future of the sport.

Lastly, there will be two new weapons added to the rotation for the tournament.

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