Esports communication app SONIX enters the US market

Image credit: SONIX

SONIX, a Switzerland-based communications platform focused on low-latency communication, has announced it will offer its services in the United States.

SONIX (formerly TYXIT) debuted its technology in the United States through a partnership with the University of North Carolina for its recent Niner Esports Union Lan Party.

SONIX is created as a way of communication over long distances that uses a proprietary codec to decrease latency (lag) between the source and the receiver. Apart from being used as a communications app for gamers and other users, the technology was also used in music, to communicate between musicians over long distances.

SONIX is currently developing its app, and a beta version was used at the UNC Charlotte event by Overwatch players, who credited the application’s low latency as a competitive advantage. SONIX did not announce any further partnerships in the North American market. The app is still in a beta phase, and there is no information about its release yet.

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SONIX has already secured two European partnerships: with France’s Gaming Campus and esports team Lausanne-Sport Esports.

UNC Charlotte’s Niner Esports President Jorge Sanchez, commented: “With SONIX, our esports athletes and gamers benefited from breakthrough low latency, high-quality audio, and cutting-edge technology to give them the edge they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

“Our players definitely benefited from this technology and spoke afterwards about the extra confidence and better results Sonix gave them.”

Ivan Šimić
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