Valhallan opens new gaming arena in Texas

valhallan facility texas
Image credit: Valhallan

Youth-focused North American esports company Valhallan has unveiled a gaming arena in Pearland, Texas.

The new location, set to be open to the public from March 25th, will feature training programmes, gaming facilities and workshops aimed at improving gaming skills as well as teamwork.

Valhallan is a youth esports franchise operating in North America and the UK. The company operates franchises such as gaming stations and facilities, but also coaching in esports and soft skills for kids aged 7 to 17. The company is also the operator of the Valhallan Esports League, created through a merger between the United Federation of Esports Athletes League and the North American Esports League. Valhallan notably acquired esports platform NXT UP, in 2022. 

Valhallan is a Texas company based in Pearland, however, this is its first franchise in the city. According to the company, the venue will feature year-round esports training, but also summer camps, leagues workshops and special events. The Valhallan training programme, called ‘the Legendary Path’, teaches gaming skills but also soft skills such as teamwork and communication.

Kids can play a number of esports games in the venue, including Apex Legends, VALORANT, Rocket League, Fortnite and Overwatch. Prior to joining, parents and children can consult a free skill assessment for new players which is done by Valhallan coaches.

Matt Phillips, brand president of Valhallan, commented on the launch: “There’s no better place to bring our services than our home base of Pearland, where there are many families looking for positive social outlets for their kids.

“We aim to make a fun and inclusive environment for all kids, regardless of skill level, to gain valuable life skills through gaming.”

Ivan Šimić
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