LVP to produce last chance VCT EMEA Ascension tournament

play in ascension valorant tournament
Image credit: LVP / Riot Games

Tournament organiser and esports production company LVP has announced that it will produce a VALORANT last-chance promotion tournament for aspiring VCT EMEA organisations.

Called the Play In Ascension, the tournament will take place in June 2023 and offers the victor a chance to fight for a slot in VCT EMEA, Riot Games’ top-tier VALORANT tournament.

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Play In Ascension acts as the last chance for teams to enter the VCT EMEA via its two-year promotion system. As such, the tournament is part of a wider VALORANT league system, acting as a last-chance qualifier for regional finalists that did not manage to win their respective leagues.

The winners of nine regional Challengers leagues in Europe get the chance to enter the VCT EMEA through the Ascension tournament. However, now Play In Ascension gives the teams that lost the regional finals another chance to enter the tournament.

The winner of the Play In tournament will get the chance to join the VALORANT Challengers winners in a fight to enter the VCT EMEA as the tenth team. EMEA’s Challenger ecosystem consists of the following regional leagues: Northern Europe, Spain, France, DACH, Turkey, Europe East, MENA, Italy and Portugal.

LVP is one of the largest esports companies in Spain and is also one of the sector’s most prominent production companies. LVP’s broadcasts largely focus on Spanish esports tournaments, across a range of titles. The company is also a partner of Riot Games and the official Spanish partner for both the VCT and the LEC.

The semi-final and final matches for Play In Ascension will be broadcast on the LVP Twitch Channel. The company itself is experiencing a period of growth, with viewership across all of its broadcasts steadily increasing in 2022. The upcoming Play In Ascension tournament will aim to help those numbers as well.

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