Rocket League and eFootball selected for European Games Esports Championships

Image credit: Global Esports Federation / European Olympic Committees

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) and the European Olympic Committees (EOC) have announced new details about the upcoming European Games Esports Championships.

The Championships, set to take place in Poland in June this year, will see competitors across Europe compete in eFootball 2023 and Rocket League.

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Taking place during the third edition of the European Games held in Kraków and the Małopolska region of Poland, this is the esports event’s inaugural edition. The tournaments will take place at the International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland, a city known for its esports heritage through various IEM events.

In addition to the tournaments, the GEF announced the GEFestival and GEFcon. The GEFestival will be a B2C event which will focus on games, music and entertainment, while the GEFcon is designed as a conference of ‘thought leaders and idea creators’ in business, esports and technology.

Alongside the International Olympic Committee’s inaugural edition of the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore, the European Games Esports Championships continues to showcase the crossover between esports and traditional sporting entities. Although the Olympic Esports Week has seen some criticism for the games that will be played, the EGE Championships lineup consists of two known esports titles.

Spyros Capralos, EOC President, commented on the release: “The Esports Championships is an extraordinary addition to the European Games lineup and underscores the progressive vision of the diversity and inclusivity of the sports world, highlighting the common ground they share in terms of dedication, strategy, and the pursuit of excellence.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the Global Esports Federation on the first of many planned initiatives.”

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