Karmine Corp partners with communication platform SONIX

Image credit: SONIX

French esports organisation Karmine Corp has announced a partnership with Swiss communications platform SONIX.

The partnership will see Karmine Corp players to use the SONIX app for their in-game communications, and help develop the end product. Karmine Corp will also subsequently help promote the SONIX platform in France and other regions.

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SONIX operates a communications solution for esports teams and other gaming uses. The SONIX app differs from its competitors by having much lower latency, making communication between players easier and faster, the company claimed in a release.

The beta version of the SONIX app is in development, and the partnership with Karmine Corp will leverage the team’s expertise to further steer the development of the end product, according to a release. Karmine Corp players are to provide input and help improve the SONIX offerings for esports players.

The two companies also noted that there is a second phase of the partnership planned, which will see Karmine Corp help position SONIX in the French and international esports markets. Further details have not yet been revealed.

The communications company has recently signed an agreement with the University of North Carolina for its recent Niner Esports Union LAN Party. This partnership saw SONIX enter the North American esports and gaming market.

Arthur Perticoz, CEO of Karmine Corp, commented on the partnership in a release: “We tested the SONIX application and compared it to other solutions.

“The SUPERSONIX low latency is incredibly noticeable, this speed will allow our players to gain reactivity, coordination, and therefore efficiency.We can’t wait to use it on a larger scale!”

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