Yesports partners with NFT strategy game Planet IX

Planet IX Yesports
Image credit: Planet IX

Web3 esports platform Yesports has announced a partnership with the online NFT-based strategy game Planet IX.

The two companies said the partnership will leverage Yesports’ expertise in fan engagement to boost the NFT game’s player numbers. The companies announced ‘multiple segments’ to the collaboration.

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Yesports is a Web3 fan engagement platform known for its work with numerous esports and gaming brands, including South American esports organisation INFINITY and Talon Esports.

The company’s main offering is a platform through which fans can interact with esports teams and organisations through memberships and digital experiences. Since launch, Yesports has established partnerships with several esports organisations, including INFINITY, Talon Esports, BOOM Esports, Renegades, Team Empire and others.

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game that lets players explore planets and trade NFTs. Planet IX claimed in a release that the game has more than 80,000 monthly players. In the game, players can buy and sell virtual land parcels of a digital version of Earth, called PIX. Players acquire these patches of digital land through packs, and aim to collect and trade them to advance.

According to the two companies, Yesports will help funnel players to the game with the help of its esports team partners. Yesports and Planet IX plan on a long-term partnership with the “purpose of onboarding millions of esports fans to the Web3-based game.”

The two companies also said they plan on exploring other opportunities for fan engagement in the future, such as esports-branded in-game assets and loot boxes.

Sebastian Quinn, CEO of Yesports, said: “We are extremely proud to have fostered this partnership with Planet IX as we continue to launch a new era for web3 games and fan experiences.

“The web3 space as a whole is in dire need of meaningful collaborations that drive significant value back to gamers. Partnering with Planet IX is an incredible step forward in realising this next-level value for our millions of esports fans and gamers”.

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