Saudi Esports Federation partners with LG UltraGear for Gamers8

gamers8 lg ultragear
Image credit: Gamers8

The Saudi Esports Federation has announced a partnership with global electronics brand LG for its gaming monitor sub-brand UltraGear.

LG UltraGear monitors will be used at the upcoming Gamers8 tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The $45m (~£36.2m) multi-title event starts on July 6th and will last for six weeks.

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The Gamers8 festival is one of the largest gaming and esports events in the world, combining music, gaming and esports. The festival will see large-scale tournaments in Dota 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Fortnite, Rocket League and CS:GO, many of them with prize pools in the millions of dollars.

LG UltraGear is a gaming-focused sub-brand of LG. The branch produces high-performance gaming monitors aimed at gamers and is the official monitor partner for the LEC, Europe’s top-flight League of Legends league. The brand is also a monitor partner for Gen.G, Evil Geniuses and London Royal Ravens, among others.

As for the Gamers8 tournament partnership, LG and the Saudi Esports Federation noted that the LG UltraGear 25GR75FG monitors will be used throughout its esports venues at Boulevard Riyadh City, which is where the tournaments are being held.

Earlier this year the Saudi Esports Federation secured a partnership with Saudi Arabian energy and chemicals company Aramco for Gamers Without Borders and Gamers8: The Land of Heroes.

Mr. Ken Jeong, LG’s President, commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to sign this MOU with the Saudi Esports Federation for Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, and look forward immensely to playing our part in such a prestigious gaming and esports festival. We believe Saudi Arabia has an ever-growing gaming industry, with its potential only increasing every day.

With the country’s esports industry taking large steps, including the hosting of Gamers8, we at LG take great pride in our UltraGear™ series being used at an esports festival of this magnitude.”

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