Esports Trade Association launches Consultation Letter service for US esports visas

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The Esports Trade Association has launched a Consultation Letter service to help esports talent with US visa applications.

The service aims to help professional players, coaches, event organisers and others with their Consultation Letter, a requirement in the US visa application process.

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The Esports Trade Association (ESTA) is an organisation that aims to promote growth in esports. ESTA said its new service will provide Consultation Letters to members and non-members applying for O & P visas to enter the United States.

O & P visas are categories of US visas that allow athletes, as well as other entertainment professions, entry into the US. They are granted to esports professionals seeking to compete in esports events in the US.

The P-1A visa, one of the most commonly used by esports talent, requires the applicant to be an internationally recognised athlete entering the US for an internationally notable event.

Consultation Letters are a requirement for foreign nationals obtaining a visa for the United States, and are generally written by peer groups, labour organisations (such as a union) or management organisations in their respective field.

The Esports Trade Association said it would act as a peer group for esports professionals in carrying out the service.

There have been high-profile cases in recent years of professional esports players having US visa issues and resultantly missing out on US-based esports tournaments.

Although esports is increasingly being recognised by countries around the world, difficulties in obtaining visas for esports competitions is a recurring issue in the industry worldwide.

Esports Trade Association member and esports and video game attorney Justin M. Jacobson Esq. commented: “This initiative is crucial to the further development of the nation’s esports scene as the receipt of this type of letter can be beneficial in an individual’s visa application.

“The document is especially important in light of recent denials of visas impacting the national esports ecosystem.”

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