Dplus KIA enters Web3 partnership with Dplus Arena

dplus kia web3 partnership dplus arena
Image credit: Dplus KIA

South Korean esports organisation Dplus KIA has announced a partnership with Web3 esports platform Dplus Arena.

Under this collaboration, both entities will embark on a variety of business ventures, capitalising on Web3 technology and its diverse applications.

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Specifically, Dplus KIA will use the capabilities of Dplus Arena to distribute information regarding its players and deliver content surrounding matches and other esports-related activities. Esports fans will have the opportunity to engage with these offerings through Dplus Arena’s Web3 platform, enabling a more immersive and interactive experience.

Formerly known as Damwon Gaming KIA (DWG KIA), Dplus KIA is renowned for its League of Legends team, which has won Korea’s premier League of Legends league championship three times. The organisation also fields rosters in other popular titles, including PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege, and VALORANT.

On the other hand, Dplus Arena is a Web3 platform designed for blockchain-based esports fans and gamers. It features an Esports Lounge where domestic teams’ content is showcased in a gallery format. Additionally, Dplus Arena operates the Web3 Academy, offering educational content and a quiz reward system. Last but not least, the Mint House within Dplus Arena serves as a space for participating in various Web3 events and earning rewards like NFTs.

Lee Joon-young, Vice President of Dplus KIA, commented on the partnership: “We firmly believe that Dplus Arena provides fans with an exceptional platform for novel and enjoyable experiences. Moving forward, we are committed to forging diverse partnerships that foster positive growth for both our fans and organisation.”

In recent years, there has been a surge of esports companies and organisations venturing into the Web3 realm, aiming to provide players with enhanced possibilities for monetisation, verifiable ownership, and a competitive landscape that is more inclusive and transparent.

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