eFuse spins off assets into standalone properties

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Esports event production and infrastructure company eFuse has spun off its three main business arms into separate products.

eFuse will continue to operate as a holding entity, while the company’s assets will be separated into erena, esports.gg and sidekick.

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eFuse is perhaps best-known as the operator of esports broadcasts including College COD (CCL), the College Carball Association (CCA), as well as the collegiate Fortnite league on behalf of publisher Epic Games.

The company also owns esports media outlet Esports.gg, as well as sidekick, a media buying platform for creator channels.

eFuse claimed that while all of its assets were ‘complimentary’ and lent value to each other, they had matured enough to become standalone products.

It said keeping them all under the ‘eFuse’ banner had become confusing and would only become more-so with the launch of new products and experiences.

The company also announced the launch of a new website and visual identity for erena, its event automation and tournament platform.

Going forward, eFuse will continue operating as a holding company, which would give each of its properties “the space they need to aggressively compete in their own markets,” the company said.

eFuse did not reveal any information about personnel changes, such as new appointments, as a result of the move.

Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse, commented: “eFuse continues to provide the technology and automation gaming needs to operate at scale.

“Our rebranding effort simply acknowledges the dominance our unique businesses have cemented and provides them the space they need to compete aggressively. eFuse has grown to eight-figure revenue behind innovative, problem-solving technology and we’re committed to growing even faster as a dedicated gaming infrastructure company.”

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