eFuse acquires media outlet Esports.GG

Esports infrastructure startup eFuse has announced the acquisition of media outlet Esports.GG.

As a result of the acquisition, eFuse will relaunch the media outlet’s social channels. Moreover, Esports.GG will create a new content section that will display details and information about eFuse’s events.

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This new content section will be labelled and eFuse-supported editorials will include disclaimers, according to a release.

Financial terms of the purchase have not been disclosed. In the announcement, eFuse stated that the acquisition is due to the startup’s need to bolster its content division and support its ‘growing community of gamers and brand partners’. 

Matthew ‘MJB’ Benson, CEO of eFuse, commented: “In 2021, eFuse recorded so much growth across our branded eRena tournaments and league business that we acquired Esports.GG to help create a central destination for our jam-packed calendar.

“Esports.GG is going to help accelerate revenue opportunities by introducing original content formats and around-the-clock coverage of our biggest events. We’re set for a record-breaking year, and thrilled to welcome their help in reimagining how we work with the market’s top brands.”

Despite Esports.GG and eFuse having a rather successful 2021, this year has seen both entities be involved in some controversies. Earlier this month, eFuse accepted the resignation of its Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Klein following misconduct allegations and community backlash stemming from his role at Ohio State University back in 2017.

Reaching out to Esports Insider, eFuse has stated that Klein contributed to the company’s growth without further incidents.

In March 2022, Esports.GG issued a public apology and removed all of its TikTok content after backlash over its use of other creators’ content. Esports.GG’s TikTok channel will remain dormant even after the acquisition, the release said.

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Halina ‘BlondeVenom’ Malik will lead the Esports.GG team as eFuse’s Head of Content. She commented: “Esports.GG is the perfect platform to expand that mission across the globe. I’m elated to welcome such an elite editorial team to the eFuse family as we take Esports.GG to the next level.”

This is eFuse’s third acquisition to date, following the purchase of the Collegiate Carball Association and College CoD in 2021.

Esports Insider says: Fresh off the heels of controversies, both companies will be looking for a fresh start going into the remainder of 2022. eFuse will hope this acquisition provides just that, as it smartly looks to bolster its content division.

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