Revenant Esports partners with streaming platform Rooter for BGMI invitational

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Image credit: Revenant Esports / Rooter

Indian esports organisation Revenant Esports has partnered with Indian streaming platform Rooter ahead of the Revenant Esports Invitational Showdown, an invitational tournament in Battlegrounds Mobile: India (BGMI).

Rooter, one of India’s most popular streaming companies, will take on the role of broadcasting partner for the event, which will be streamed via YouTube and Rooter platforms.

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The tournament will take place in mid July 2023, features 18 BGMI teams from across the country, and has a 7 lakh (£6580) prize pool. Announced teams include 8Bit, Godlike, Entity Gaming, OR Esports and SouL.

The event is the second BGMI tournament that Rooter will support in a short time frame. The company worked with NODWIN Gaming for the BGMI Champions Cup, which ended in early July 2023. This, of course, is due to the fact that the Indian government has allowed BGMI to return to mobile app stores earlier this year, resulting in a large number of tournaments taking place during spring and summer.

The move to create an esports tournament was a result of an effort to diversify IPs that Revenant Esports has, according to its CEO Rohit Jagasia. Jagasia noted that the event is a “testament to their commitment to create diverse and engaging IPs that enable the company to connect with a diverse audience and empower esports in India.”

BGMI was historically one of the most popular mobile games in India, but its rise came to a halt when the game was removed from app stores in the country in July 2022.

Due to that, esports organisations that fielded BGMI teams shifted towards other titles, but another shift is happening now that the game is available again. There have been three large-scale BGMI tournaments in India this year, the most popular being the IQOO Pro Series that saw just over 160,000 peak viewers.

Dipesh Agarwal, Co-founder and COO of Rooter, commented: “Delivering on our promise to support and nurture India’s esports ecosystem, we are delighted to power another high-quality BGMI tournament like the Revenant Esports Invitational Showdown.

“We are excited to have a partner that shares our focus on creating the kind of top-notch esports entertainment experiences that gaming fans across India expect from us. 

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