Rooter to bring content to Indian TV’s via Jio’s set-top-box

rooter content available on jiostb
Image credit: Rooter

Indian esports and gaming content platform Rooter has announced a partnership with the country’s largest mobile network operator, Jio.

The partnership will allow Jio’s set-top-box (JioSTB) customers to watch Rooter’s esports and gaming content on their TV’s.

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Via the deal, Rooter has become the first app in its category to be featured on the JioStore ecosystem by integrating into JioSTB.

Rooter is a popular streaming and gaming platform in India which aims to create a mobile game-focused platform similar to Twitch. Rooter said the integration with the JioSTB allows it to cater to a growing demand for high-quality domestic content.

Additionally, by leveraging one of India’s rapidly growing set-top box services, Rooter says it has set its sights on expanding its presence beyond the Android, iOS, and web ecosystems.

Earlier this year, the company held a funding round which was valued at $16m (⁓12.9m) and led by venture capital firm Lightbox. The funding aims to facilitate the advancement of the company’s technology framework and explore both organic and inorganic growth prospects.

Previously, the platform has successfully forged partnerships with prominent Indian esports organisations such as GodLike Esports and OR Esports. it also extended its support to the Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) during the 2022 season.

Dipesh Agarwal, Co-founder and COO of Rooter, commented on the partnership: “As one of India’s fastest-growing broadband services, JioFiber has captured a significant share of the domestic home broadband market and is driving data and content consumption across the country.

“Our goal, at Rooter, is to drive India’s nascent gaming revolution as the de-facto game streaming and esports platform. We are delighted to foster an association that will enable us to offer millions of viewers access to our superlative library of gaming and esports content from the convenience of their TV screens.”

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