SideQuest launches community night series

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Gaming cafe and LAN centre chain SideQuest Gamers Hub has announced the launch of a series of community nights aiming to grow and support local UK gaming communities.

The four event types will focus on SideQuest’s most popular titles across PC and console, with the company hosting unique challenges to keep community members engaged and improving their gaming skills.

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‘Raid Nights’ see VALORANT and League of Legends players take on a range of challenges, like playing a specific character or according to unusual rules. It costs fans £15 to join from 5pm-9pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, ‘Final Quest’ will be a monthly Super Mario Smash Bros event that will offer a £100 prize pool streamed live on SideQuest’s Twitch channel. Smash events have already proved fairly popular at SideQuest’s venues in the past, the company said, and the events will be hosted by SideQuest’s Smash community regulars Zangrix and Red Viper.

Thirdly, a Splatoon 3 tournament dubbed ‘Ink & Splash’ will encourage community members to meet up and play physically at SideQuest venues in collaboration with UK Splatoon community Splat UK. The next Ink & Splash event is scheduled to take place on August 19th from 3pm-7pm, for £15 per person. SideQuest hopes it will soon be able to convert these evenings into full tournaments later down the road.

Finally, SideQuest also hopes to host a Street Fighter 6 monthly tournament, with details being revealed later this month.

SideQuest hinted at deeper attempts to engage the community in an interview earlier this year. The mostly London-based brand is hoping to replicate the success of its Chinese parent company, Wanyoo, which spearheaded PC bang culture in Asia. Wanyoo UK rebranded to Sidequest in May 2022.

SideQuest Gamers Hub Events Community Coordinator, Dalian Ghent, commented: “We at SideQuest are about community and bringing people together to experience the competitive, fun and highs of playing with your squad. Whether you are grinding ranked or playing casually there is always an opportunity to take a SideQuest.”

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