FACEIT announces first PUBG MOBILE tournaments

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Esports tournament platform FACEIT, a member of the ESL FACEIT Group, has announced its first foray into competitive PUBG MOBILE.

The company will organise the PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup later this August and also include daily cups that will award FACEIT points to players.

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This is the first time FACEIT is offering the battle royale game for its users. The game is a mobile version of the acclaimed battle royale title PUBG: Battlegrounds, and is also the base of Battlegrounds Mobile: India, a regional version for the Indian market. PUBG MOBILE is one of the most popular mobile esports games in the world, and the most popular battle royale esports title of 2022.

PUBG MOBILE also has a partner-based esports league. FaZe Clan, as well as Team Secret and RRQ, are among the list of 15 teams that have been selected for the inaugural season.

FACEIT has announced that the addition of PUBG MOBILE to its platform will be initially focused on smaller-scale PUBG MOBILE cups, as well as a larger Challenger Cup in the EMEA region. The Challenger Cup will have a prize pool of €10,000 (£8630), and take place from early August to mid-September 2023.

The daily cups will be open to solo, duo, and squad formats, and award FACEIT points that can be traded for PUBG MOBILE in-game currency if players wish to do so.

Milos Nedeljkovic, Director of Product Marketing from ESL FACEIT Group, commented: “This is our first collaboration with the PUBG MOBILE community and one of the biggest mobile launches on FACEIT to date. This move is just another step towards our long-term strategy of building open, aspirational, rewarding, and sustainable esports ecosystems by leveraging our platform technology and decades of experience”

FACEIT made several high-profile partnerships with esports organisations this year, collaborating with the likes of 9INE, Astralis, and Movistar Riders to allow their fans access to unique content and in-game items. The ESL FACEIT Group also announced a Call of Duty: Mobile series and doubled down on its Snapdragon Pro Series mobile esports tournament, signalling steady movements towards more mobile esports involvement.

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