Indian collegiate esports company MOGO unveils inaugural National Championship event

Image credit: MOGO

Indian collegiate esports tournament platform MOGO has announced it will host the inaugural MOGO National Championship in September.

According to a release, the event aims to bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports in India.

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The MOGO National Championship is set to take place from September 18th-22nd at the Lovely Professional University in Phagwara. Teams from across India are competing in regional divisions in a bid to qualify for the event taking place inside a 2000-seat arena on the University campus.

MOGO aims to position esports into India’s ‘Elite Four’ conference championship calendar. The event will run alongside the trio of volleyball, basketball, and kabaddi, a popular contact team sport in the region. Details on the titles for the MOGO National Championship were not disclosed.

The tournament will be broadcast on a number of platforms including YouTube, Rooter, and Loco. In March 2022, Loco raised $42m (INR 330 Crores) as part of its latest Series A financing round aiming to scale the platform’s technology efforts across its streaming and Web3 initiatives.

MOGO says the National Championship will generate ‘various sponsorship opportunities’ for companies interested in partnering with the event. Additionally, fans in attendance can participate in a range of interactions ranging from meeting players to giveaways.

Dave Pross, CEO of MOGO, spoke on the news: “The MOGO National Championship is not just about competition; it represents a significant step in shaping the future of esports in India, propelling it to the same level of recognition as traditional sports.

“As MOGO continues to pave the way for esports integration, the event is poised to become a hallmark of innovation in the world of sports and gaming.

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