Moist Esports to host in-person ALGS watch party in Tampa, FL

Image credit: Moist Esports

Esports organisation Moist Esports and its co-owner Charles White Jr., also known as MoistCr1TiKaL have announced a watch party for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series: 2023 Championship.

The esports organisation will sell tickets for the event which will take place in Tampa, Florida between September 8th and 10th. This is the first in-person watch party for Moist Esports, but the organisation has regularly hosted watch party streams in the past.

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Moist Esports is notably co-owned by White Jr and Ludwig Ahgren, as well as Nick Allen, Fanny Palmer and Matt Philips. The organisation is known for being among a new wave of content creator-led esports organisations, as well as its success in both Apex Legends and Rocket League. White Jr. is also a co-founder of the custom PC brand Starforge Systems.

In a YouTube video announcing the event, White noted that he and the rest of the Moist Esports ownership group wanted to experiment with different types of revenue streams and content.

Making an in-person watch party seemed like a logical thing to do, considering the success of similar streams in the past.

White added that due to the challenging nature of operating an esports organisation, Moist Esports wants to explore options that are not strictly tied to merchandise and tournament earnings. As White pointed out, Moist Esports players keep all their earnings.

White Jr. commented: “Our primary goal with Moist Esports is not to just through any means necessary find profit and nickel and dime everyone that joins the organisation go through these predatory contracts or shady exchanges to try and make a buck off of it.

“It’s truly our mission to make the esports scene more exciting and grow it in a way where the money comes from the content and not on the backs of players doing deals for the org or taking the revenue that they earned.”

White Jr. added that, if the initial watch party goes well, there are plans to do activations like this more often, and perhaps organise watch parties in different cities across the United States. The format will be similar to the online watch parties, meaning that visitors will be able to watch the games and interact with White Jr, among other guests.

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