Red Bull Gaming Hub opens in Sydney, Australia

Image credit: Red Bull / UTS

Energy drink brand Red Bull, esports company GameSquare, the University of Technology Sydney and several hardware brands have partnered to create the first Red Bull Gaming Hub in Australia.

The esports and gaming-focused venue features gaming PCs, esports training rooms and streaming equipment, all located in the UTS Tower at the University of Technology in Sydney, NSW.

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The new hub is part of a series of similar venues that Red Bull is creating around the world, with the first one created in Toronto, Canada, last year. The hubs aim to serve as a venue to develop esports and gaming, and are located on student campuses where there is a high frequency of younger people.

This hub in particular was created as a joint project by Red Bull, GameSquare, ActivateUTS and hardware brands AOC, MSI Computers, Secretlab and BENQ. Visitors will use AOC monitors and peripherals, Secretlab chairs and desks, gaming laptops from MSI and projection systems created by BENQ.

Apart from being a place to practice, stream and compete, the new venue will act as a ‘cornerstone for student collaboration and education initiatives’ according to its founders. The new hub will employ exclusively UTS students, allowing students to experience working in a real esports venue while still being enrolled in their studies.

In addition, the new venue will help students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science and Games Design programme at UTS. The venue will function as a playtest centre, allowing students to test their games in a real-world setting — helping them learn what works and what does not. Lastly, the Hub will host the qualifiers for the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament later this year.

Stephen Hanna, Chief Executive Officer of the ADVA Group and President of UTS Esports commented: “We are proud to be part of this trailblazing initiative that merges education, technology, and gaming in a new way. The Red Bull Gaming Hub provides a platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts to connect, learn, and compete.

“As the home of the UTS Esports Program, the Red Bull Gaming Hub is set to revolutionise the student experience on campus, providing pathways to professional play.”

Ivan Šimić
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