Team Liquid releases VALORANT Champions 2023 music anthem

04 August 2023


Team Liquid VALORANT music video
Image credit: Team Liquid

Multinational esports organisation Team Liquid has released a music anthem and video to celebrate its participation in VALORANT Champions 2023.

The song, called ‘Turn The Tide‘, features artists 2WEI, Edda Hayes and Kataem. According to Team Liquid, the project was co-sponsored by the organisation’s long-time commercial partner Alienware.

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Turn The Tide is available on 2WEI’s Spotify page, with the track’s music video published on Team Liquid’s VALORANT YouTube channel. 2WEI composed the song in collaboration with singer Edda Hayes and musician Kataem, who contributed the vocals.

Team Liquid‘s anthem was created in anticipation of VALORANT Champions 2023, the largest tournament of the VCT season. Taking place in Los Angeles from August 6th -13th, VALORANT Champions will host 16 teams from all over the world to compete for a total prize pool of $2.25m (~£1.77m). Team Liquid will be part of the competition, representing the EMEA region.

Team Liquid’s VALORANT roster stars in the music video, with Ayaz’ nAts’ Akhmetshin being the song’s protagonist. Reflecting the team’s journey throughout the 2023 VALORANT season, the anthem is said to include themes such as ‘pursuing excellence’ and ‘mastering challenges’.

For 2WEI, the initiative was their first collaboration with an esports team to produce exclusive music. However, both 2WEI and Edda Hayes have an impressive track record of gaming activations. For instance, both were featured in the joint cover of ‘Warriors’ by Imagine Dragons for the League of Legends Season 2020 cinematic.

Similarly, Kataem has worked with several video game franchises, including League of Legends: Wild Rift and Battlefield.

Nils Gebhardt, Team Liquid’s Project & Marketing Lead, commented on the project: “2WEI, Edda Hayes, and Kataem collaborated with Rhys’ creative team to create something truly special. Our VALORANT anthem is a tribute for our fans, and the musical and visual aspects were chosen to tell an inspirational story. The epic video is about coming together as a unit and overcoming any challenge that is put in one’s way.”

Team Liquid is not the only esports organisation to promote its brand with exclusive music. In January, G2 Esports published its second anthem with Jeris Johnson and Theresa Jarvis. Moreover, Fnatic released a music album called Fnatic Island in 2022.

The news also comes after Riot Games released its official song for VALORANT Champions 2023. Titled ‘Ticking Away’, the track features musicians Grabbitz and bbno$.

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