Turtle Beach partners with Shikenso for sponsorship performance data

29 August 2023


Turtle Beach Shikenso partnership
Image credit: Shikenso Analytics / Turtle Beach

German analytics firm Shikenso Analytics has established a partnership with gaming peripherals brand Turtle Beach.

Shikenso will provide its AI platform to help Turtle Beach calculate sponsorship performance across an array of online platforms.

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Turtle Beach will be able to collect information from live streams, video content, spoken partner integrations, and social media engagements, according to a release.

This includes insights on the brand’s partnerships with popular creators such as DrDisrespect, Skyrroz, Fextralife and Shlorox, with the goal of having data-driven decision making and creating more impactful growth strategies.

Shikenso Analytics is a data analytics firm which offers services including impact assessment of the value of commercial sponsorships in esports. The company recently provided an example of how its analysis can be used to measure the partnerships value with a report measuring the performance of IEM Cologne’s slate of commercial sponsors

Turtle Beach is a gaming-focused peripherals brand which produces headsets, controllers, microphones and more.

Shikenso Analytics has recently struck partnerships with leading stakeholders across the esports industry. This month alone Shikenso has announced deals with sportsbook Pinnacle as well as European esports organisation G2 Esports.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO and Co-Founder of Shikenso, commented: “Joining forces with a distinguished industry leader in gaming peripheral marks a significant step for us at Shikenso.

“Our sponsorship analytics tools will help Turtle Beach get an even more comprehensive overview of their engagements with their esteemed list of partnered creators. We look forward to providing insightful data and helping contribute to Turtle Beach’s strategic evolution.”

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