Former Ubisoft Esports Director joins Amazon Games

15 August 2023


Amazon Games new hire
(ESI Illustration): Image credit: Amazon Games, Wei Yue

Wei Yue, formerly the Esports Director at Ubisoft Montréal, has joined Amazon Games as its Competition and Esports Director.

After more than four years at Ubisoft, overseeing the Rainbow Six Siege esports programme, Yue will now support the competitive vision of one of Amazon Games’ upcoming titles.

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Yue announced the news via LinkedIn on August 14th, about one month after leaving Ubisoft Montréal. As Ubisoft’s Esports Director, Yue focused on the competitive ecosystem of the developer’s tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Rainbow Six Siege, developing a multiyear strategy for the game as well as executing esports events.

Most recently, Yue delivered a major R6 esports ecosystem update in December 2022. The update included a new global circuit and a multiyear partnership with tournament organiser BLAST.

Prior to Ubisoft, Yue spent over eight years at Activision Blizzard. Starting as a Customer Support Representative in 2010, Yue moved to managing esports programmes in 2015. As Associate Manager for the EMEA Esports scene, Yue was responsible for the regional execution of Hearthstone, Activision Blizzard’s collectable card game.

Founded as Amazon Game Studios in 2012, Amazon Games is a video game company owned by retailer Amazon. Initially focusing on mobile games, such as Airport Mania: First Flight, the company took on projects for Windows after its rebrand.

In 2021, Amazon Games released its highly-anticipated MMORPG New World. A year later, it published Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark on Western servers, garnering 1.27m peak viewers on Twitch before its full release.

With more than 10 years of industry experience, Wei Yue joins Amazon Games to guide the direction of one of its new esports titles. In the announcement, the former Ubisoft Esports Director shared: “I couldn’t be more excited to have this unique opportunity to engrain the competitive vision and esports ecosystem directly into the DNA of the product.”

While the studio has announced several upcoming multiplayer games, including a cooperative online title by developer Glowmade and Disruptive Game’s online multiplayer action-adventure, as of writing this article, it is unclear which project Yue will work on.

Yue’s move to Amazon Games is not the only significant personnel change in recent weeks. In July, X7 Founder, Josh Kingett, joined esports and gaming agency DotX Talent to manage the agency’s esports operations. Moreover, game moderation platform GGWP hired former Juked Co-Founder, Ben Goldhaber, to assist with its marketing efforts.

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