NSE and UNiDAYS join forces to boost the UK university esports ecosystem

19 September 2023


NSE UNiDays partnership
Image credit: NSE, UNiDays

UK university esports body National Student Esports (NSE) has partnered up with discount website UNiDAYS to support the student gaming community.

UNiDAYS will become an official partner of the British University Esports Championship and will also directly support the Games Innovation Challenge, a game jam competition run by NSE.

The Games Innovation Challenge is a new competition for students at colleges and universities across the country that will launch in early 2024.

UNiDAYS joins other notable brands such as Intel, Monster Energy and DrayTek — as well as publishers such as Nintendo and Riot Games — in NSE’s mission to support and develop esports environments within universities.

The British University Esports championship is a leading esports competition in the UK ecosystem, with over 2,200 teams and 111 universities. It features tournaments in Dota2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Teamfight Tactics and VALORANT. Earlier this year, a Splatoon 3 championship was added after NSE partnered up with Nintendo.

With new university students joining this year, NSE will soon be starting the winter season of the British University Esports Championship.

Alex Coulson, Managing Director at NSE, commented: “This partnership is a natural fit with huge potential and is an exciting step for both organisations.

“Obviously UNiDAYS is very well known by students already but we are looking forward to helping UNiDAYS form deeper relationships with the NSE community, plus we are excited about the value they will bring to the students too. Ultimately this means lots more support and opportunities for our thriving esports and gaming community which is core to what we do at NSE.”

Davide Xu