Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 announced; China added as new major region

06 October 2023


Image credit: EA Games

The Apex Legends Global Series, the highest tier of competitive Apex Legends, will continue throughout 2024 with several improvements and a new region.

The new year will feature three LAN events, a total prize pool of $4m (~£3.3m), and two teams from China will earn a spot in the Split 1 Playoffs. South America will be removed from the Pro League, but ALGS LAN events will feature more teams from more competitive regions.

ESI London 2024

Similarly to previous years, Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 will include several competitive competitions and three major LAN events — Split 1, Split 2 and the Championship. The tournament is now entering its fourth year, and publisher EA Games has announced several changes and additions to the structure.

The most notable change is the inclusion of China as a new competitive region. For Year 4, two teams from China will be invited into the Split 1 Playoffs, and two teams into the Split 2 Playoffs. The team from China with the most Playoff Points will qualify for the Global Championship, along with any other teams from China that end the Playoffs among the top 32 teams.

Another major change is the removal of South America from the Pro League. The region’s teams, both professional and amateur, will compete in the South America Challenger Circuit, which will seed teams to the South America Regional Finals. The best teams will then advance to the Playoffs, and the team with most Playoff Points from the region will get a spot in the Championship. The developers noted that the decision was a difficult one, but that they believe it will “enhance the competitive ecosystem.”

Both the Split 1 and Split 2 Playoffs will feature 40 teams each, with two Chinese teams, two South American teams and 36 teams from the other regions. The Championship will also feature 40 teams, with a top-placed team from each region by Playoff Points joined by 26 teams with the highest total Playoff Points across both Splits, and the top two finishing teams in each region.

Further details about the locations and dates of the major LAN tournaments were not shared, but the first pre-season qualifiers will commence in October 2023.

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