Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship shows promising viewership signs 

13 September 2023


TSM Apex Legends Global Series
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The Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship is the competition’s third most popular event after recording over 590,000 peak viewers.

The season-ending event, which took place at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, garnered an average viewership of around 223,000 across its over 47-hour air time, according to esports data platform Esports Charts.

ESI London 2024

Apex Legends’ most popular event for peak viewership remains the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs (676,600), with last year’s ALGS 2022 Championship still topping the charts when it comes to hours watched (11.3m). ALGS 2023 Championship recorded 10.6m hours watched. 

This year’s esports event was eventually won by North American esports organisation TSM, with its team securing $600,000 (~£468,000) in prize money as a result. Most of ALGS Championship’s viewers came from Twitch, with a peak of 465,300. However, the Apex Legends audience continues to attract a significant portion from YouTube as well (124,400 peak). 

In terms of audience demographics, English and Japanese-language platforms continue to perform the highest, garnering peak figures of 368,200 and 135,800 respectively.

This year ALGS hosted all three of its major LAN international events in one country, with London, England being the home ALGS’ Split 1 and 2 Playoffs whilst Birmingham held its world championship. The ALGS 2023 Championship also took place alongside UK gaming festival Insomnia. ALGS and Insomnia offered ticket price discounts to each other’s events.

The decision to host its major events in one country seems to have not impacted Apex Legends when it came to viewership. In fact, all three events are amongst the game’s top five most-watched esports tournaments by total hours watched. 

These results also continue to show promising signs for Apex Legends’ popularity as an esports spectacle. However, it is important to note that its 2023 calendar was unable to outperform the 2022 ALGS Championship and the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs in some metrics. 

Apex Legends is one of many esports titles that have made England, in particular London, its home for 2023. League of Legends’ MSI 2023 and Call of Duty’s World Series of Warzone are among some of the events being showcased in London.

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