LeagueSpot and Epic Charter Schools renew esports educational programme partnership

27 October 2023


LeagueSpot and Epic Charter Schools partnership
Image credit: LeagueSpot/Epic Charter Schools

Esports and gaming education platform LeagueSpot announced it has renewed a partnership with school system Epic Charter Schools.

The partnership will provide gaming and esports programmes to Epic Charter Schools’ 30,000 students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade (5-18 years old), LeagueSpot said.

They programmes have been “designed to enhance their learning experiences and promote teamwork and strategic thinking throughout the school year,” LeagueSpot said in a release.

The collaboration will provide various programmes to potential participants, including some that will encourage students to collaborate with their peers as well as foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

Based in Oklahoma, US, Epic Charter Schools is a school system that combines online learning with one-on-one support from certified teachers. The organisation was founded in 2011 and aims to provide a structure that tailors the education experience for each individual student.

Participation in their gaming and esports programmes more than doubled from 2022 to 2023, according to the release provided by LeagueSpot.

LeagueSpot is a service provider that offers organisers and players connectivity and competition tools covering registration and organisation, payments, tournament management tools, and matchmaking.

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Last year, LeagueSpot announced a three-year partnership with North American collegiate esports league NACE Starleague. It also made a key new hire with James O’Hagan as VP of Education Innovation.

On the new partnership with Epic Charter Schools, Andrew Barnett, CEO of LeagueSpot, commented: “We believe that gaming and esports can be powerful tools for learning and development. We are committed to helping Epic Charter Schools students reach their full potential.”

Kaiden Hudson, Esports and Game Studies Director at Epic Charter Schools, added: “We wanted to design a program where any student here at Epic could participate and find a home. With the help of LeagueSpot, we were able to do just that.”

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UPDATE 28/10/2023: This article was updated to remove mention of Samantha Anton as Senior Publishing Specialist as LeagueSpot told Esports Insider she no longer works at the company.