‘Long Live the King!’ – Esports Insider releases Edition 13 of The Esports Journal featuring Discord, Man City

11 October 2023


The Esport Journal Edition 13 launch

Events and media company Esports Insider published today Edition 13 of its print and digital esports magazine The Esports Journal.

The latest edition can be read online for free. For the best experience, physical copies of the industry’s only printed magazine are available for batch orders via Esports Insider’s website.

ESI London 2024

The Esports Journal covers the worldwide industry behind esports and is a leading authority of long-form analysis on the topics, trends and themes that define esports globally.

Edition 13 of the magazine introduces and analyses various aspects of the esports industry. It tells the stories of some of esports’ most interesting protagonists, both the obvious and the invisible. It reflects on some of the changes happening in the industry currently, and profiles companies that are integral to or innovating in the space.

Clocking in at 58 pages and 14 features, the latest edition of The Esports Journal features the likes of Man City FC, Discord, Tekken champion Arslan ‘Ash’ Siddique and many more. Guest authors and editors include Ben ‘FishStix’ Goldhaber, Ranjit Patel and Dominic Sacco.

Individual copies of this and previous editions of The Esports Journal are available for purchase in print on Esports Insider’s website. Bulk orders and subscriptions are available for enterprises such as offices, universities, colleges and schools by request at [email protected]

Physical copies of the magazine will also be available at Esports Insider events, including the upcoming ESI London 2023.

The front cover for Edition 13 was designed by Brock Hofer, the artist behind the Hyper Beast line of in-game skins in Counter-Strike. Esports Insider worked directly with Hofer to design a cover that paid homage to CS:GO as it transitions to Counter-Strike 2 — one of the many subjects addressed in the Journal.

Sam Cooke, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Esports Insider, commented: “We’re delighted to bring The Esports Journal back for a strong Edition 13. We hope the latest edition of the magazine continues to help develop our shared understanding of the industry and act as a reliable, accurate and authoritative source of insights into esports globally.”

Jake Nordland
Jake has worked at Esports Insider as a journalist and editor since early 2021. Now ESI's Media Manager, he continues to act as lead editor of print magazine The Esports Journal, and contributes his words to the website from time to time.