Gillette partners with European organisation Enterprise Esports

14 November 2023


Image credit: Enterprise Esports / Gillette

Grooming product brand Gillette has announced a partnership with Central European esports organisation Enterprise Esports.

The partnership will see Gillette’s logo placed on Enterprise Esports’ jerseys. Moreover, Gillette will work with Enterprise Esports on several activations such as partnerships with the organisation’s influencers, in-store promotions and others.

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Gillette is one of the world’s most popular brands of men’s grooming products. The brand specialises in razorblades, shaving creams, and other men’s care products focused on facial care. The company has a steady presence in the esports industry, supporting tournaments, organisations and even hardware brand Razer to create a real-world razor. Interestingly, Gillette also has its own esports tournament, called the Fortnite Gillette Cup.

The large-scale partnership with Enterprise Esports will encompass more than just jersey branding. The two brands will work together on social media content with five influencers employed by Enterprise Esports. The influencers will incorporate Gillette into their TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch content.

A PR campaign and in-store promotions are also planned, and so are joint activations at gaming events. The two parties will present their partnership for the first time at the Czech National Esports Championship in Brno, Czech Republic.

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Enterprise Esports is a popular esports organisation operating in Czechia and Slovakia, with rosters in CS2, VALORANT, and EAFC. Enterprise Esports recently competed in the VCT EMEA Ascension play-ins and finished seventh.

The organisation works with football club AC Sparta Prague on the club’s esports segment and has a production studio called Enterprise Production, the latter of which will be instrumental to the Gillette partnership.

Jakub Grabmüller, Senior Brand Manager at Gillette, commented on the news: “In gaming, just like in other sports, it’s essential for players to look and feel their best while playing, as it directly affects their performance.

“We are excited to contribute to this essential feeling for success in gaming. We share similar values with Enterprise Esports and are pleased to establish such a partnership.”

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