Rogue returns following KOI and Infinite Reality split

22 November 2023


Rogue esports
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Metaverse and esports company Infinite Reality has reverted back to its Rogue branding following its split with Spanish esports organisation KOI.

The news was revealed earlier today via the company’s KOI English X channel, which will also change to its original name.

Earlier this month it was announced that KOI would leave the LEC, League of Legends’ European franchised league, after ending its partnership with Infinite Reality. As a result, the two parties’ esports assets were split, with the LEC and Call of Duty League franchise remaining with Infinite Reality and KOI maintaining its VCT partner team slot. 

At the time of the partnership’s conclusion, it was unknown whether the company, which purchased Rogue’s parent company ReKtGlobal in 2022, would bring back the esports brand or opt for a different name. However, this has now been confirmed. 

While the Rogue brand is back, the esports organisation will be without one of its top C-level personnel in Anna Baumann. The Executive Vice President of Esports at Infinite Reality, who has worked with Rogue since 2018, announced that she will officially step down from her role at the end of November.

The rebranding will not only affect Infinite Reality’s LEC franchise spot. The company’s Rocket League and Rainbow Six divisions will also seemingly once again operate under the Rogue name.

A statement posted by ReKtGlobal on social media reads: “Motivated by our fans who still feel rogue at heart, ReKtGlobal reclaims its brand identity as Rogue, under which we celebrated our illustrious LEC Summer Finals Championship victory. This shift honours the deep-seated legacy of Rogue, a name synonymous with unprecedented talent development and personal community engagement.”

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ReKtGlobal’s statement also highlighted that more information will become available ‘in the coming weeks’ regarding Rogue’s rosters and future plans in esports. 

The LEC will itself undergo a couple of changes in 2024, most notably French esports organisation Karmine Corp entering the league after part-acquiring Astralis’ slot. Moreover, the LEC will reportedly increase its minimum age requirement to 18 for the upcoming season. Riot Games had previously discussed this at the beginning of the year. 

League of Legends esports is coming off the back of a highly successful World Championships, which become the most-watched esports event ever, excluding Chinese viewership.

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